I have had the pleasure, over the years, to work with Sterling E. Stevens in many different capacities. After Graduate studies and North Carolina State University, our paths continued to cross through our friendship and architectural work. We worked together as project managers at Strahan Associates Architects and since then I have seen his growth as a great designer and more importantly as a gifted photographer. He was given the opportunity experiment with his photography career while at Strahan Associates and because of his architectural background, his photographic eye has been enhanced even more. I have been lucky to work with him on his photography shows and events as well as the honor of having him photograph my own studio design work. Seeing his ingenuity in his projects and his diversity of work, one can see that he has the gift for architecture and photography. His photography has taken on its own style and I know that it will continue to develop and enhance the spaces in which they are housed. Any work he has the opportunity to photograph takes on a life of its own. I expect only great things from his work and his continued future

Phillip Jefferson, owner Phillip Jefferson Design


This guy is SO humble, it kind of freaks me out! I'm pretty sure he has no idea just how great he is. His passion to capture the story within an image is supreme. His ability to describe these images on paper is nothing short of amazing. When the decision was made to ask him to write a column for us, he said yes and then the jumping began! Seriously, I was so happy about this, I started jumping up and down, but only in my head. I don't do that sorta thing in real life! I love his work and his attitude. I think he knows he can call ArtSync his home for as long as he can stand us! Also, he doesn't mind my 15 minute rambles I sometimes leave on his voice mail, so that's another plus!

- Christine Clemmons, editor ArtSync Magazine

When you meet a person who changes just one way that you think about life or how you observe life, then you have truly met somebody special. To me, Sterling is one of those people. We have known each other for roughly 10 years and his observations on life, art, sports and even politics have had a positive impact on me. He has got me to think about things differently and in a comical light at times. Not one to shy away from controversy, Sterling has carefully analyzed and constructed his thoughts before expressing his views...just like a good lawyer would. Thankfully for the world, Sterling is not a lawyer. I commissioned Sterling over a year ago to capture a black and white landscape photo that I could hang in my apartment. He did not truly know what I was looking for but he came back from his trip to Utah with two excellent black and white landscape photos. I had a difficult time choosing between the two but now I am a proud owner of an original Sterling Stevens framed artwork in my apartment. It is the only art I own and probably the only artwork I will ever hang from my walls. To my friend, I wish you continous success and another Boston Red Sox championship...

- James Cameron

Sterling is a modern Renaissance man: literate, intelligent, talented, and passionate with a unique point of view, whether shared through a camera lens, drafting table, or keyboard. I remember reading some essay on Jack Nicholson where the author could only conclude that Nicholson's appeal was "because he's so Jack Nicholson." One might say the same thing about Mr. Stevens. He is singularly interesting and confident fellow, and it is a pleasure to see and think about what he shares with the world. Truly a distinctive voice.

- Laura Zerebeski, artist

Sterling is the kind of person that gets things done, provides insightful and meaningful ideas and is not afraid to express his opinion even in the face of adversity. This openness is what makes him the creative being that he is and this creativity is truly remarkable.

-Serge Rivard, photographer

I have known and worked with Sterling for more than five years. During this time I have watched his unique talent develop as he has persued his photography eye. I have enjoyed watching each time as he is accepted into the many exhibitions and shows he has entered his art and the recognition they bring to his work. Keep up the good work, Sterling, we all love to see a great success story.

- Bennett Strahan, architect and artist


My wife and I hired Sterling Stevens to photograph our wedding in September 2012. A friend of ours recommended him to us. His portfolio spoke to the ideas that we had in mind for the artistic documentary/photo-journalistic style that we wanted and the price he quoted us was both fair and very competitive. We were particularly impressed throughout the process with Sterling's dedication and professionalism. He met with us on location at our venue to check out the site and to walk through what we wanted for our big day. He showed up on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to go for every meeting, including of course on the wedding day. It was clear at every step that he paid attention to our ideas, was patient whenever we were indecisive, and made insightful suggestions to help us make sure the photos came out beautifully. And yes, they are gorgeous! Our friends and family still have not stopped gushing to us about the excellent images from our wedding day. Sterling is highly skilled in the technical aspects of photography, his artistic eye is dead-on, and his product reflects that. But another critical part of the reason why the photos turned out so well is that everyone, ourselves included, felt relaxed around Sterling. Being able to be free, and to enjoy the moment, is essential. Sterling captured it all without us ever feeling that his presence was intrusive. Sterling delivered the package that we ordered within about two weeks after the wedding. Considering the number of images he took and the high quality of his post-production work, we thought the turn-around time was more than acceptable. We could not be more pleased with the wedding photography services that Sterling provided!

Nicholas Shangler, client

I've worked with a variety of photographers over the years (especially while in art school). It's rare to find a photographer with vision/passion/communication skills but Sterling has all of that! I had him do some head shots for me. He completely blew me away with what he came up with. Not only did he work with me to find great spots to take the photos, but the final products was excellent!! He's very easy to work with but also brings great ideas to the table. I highly recommend!!

- Kestrel Lemen, client

My wife and I were Sterling's first Wedding, and let me say that it felt as though it was his 50th. Very professional, very personable, and very flexible for us to be included in the idea process. He went the extra mile, and was worth every penny. I would highly recommend Sterling for any event, but he has a great, unique eye and will make sure your pictures stand out from all the others.

- Ryan Kolar, client

Sterling is a great guy, professional and has a blossoming eye for photography. If you want great images and a friendly photographer, Sterling is the one for you :)

- Lee Stalcup, model